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Our Core Values

Stonewall Ball Club offers an exceptional opportunity for young athletes to grow and develop both on and off the field. To ensure a positive, nurturing environment that fosters growth, we have established a set of core values that emphasize character and skill development. These values serve as the foundation of our program and guide the actions of our coaches, players, and staff.

We believe in treating everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their background, skill level, or role within the team. This extends to coaches, teammates, opponents, officials, and spectators. By demonstrating respect, we create a positive atmosphere where everyone can thrive.

Dedication to personal and team growth is essential for success in the Stonewall Ball Club. We expect players and coaches to commit to their own development, as well as the development of their teammates. This includes consistent attendance at practices, games, and team events, as well as maintaining a strong work ethic and a positive attitude.

Honesty, fairness, and sportsmanship are central to our program. We expect our players, coaches, and staff to demonstrate integrity in all aspects of their conduct, both on and off the field. By upholding the highest ethical standards, we create an environment that fosters trust and accountability.

Growth and improvement often come with challenges and setbacks. We encourage our players and coaches to embrace these obstacles as learning opportunities and to persevere in the face of adversity. By fostering a culture of resilience, we help develop individuals who are equipped to face life's challenges with confidence and determination.

Baseball and softball provide a unique opportunity for players to learn the importance of collaboration and teamwork. We emphasize the value of working together toward common goals, understanding that individual success is often dependent on the success of the team. By promoting a team-first mentality, we encourage our players to develop strong communication skills, empathy, and a sense of shared responsibility.

Skill Development:
We are committed to providing our players with the necessary resources and opportunities to develop their baseball or softball skills to the highest level. This includes access to high-quality coaching, facilities, and equipment, as well as a focus on proper technique, strategy, and physical conditioning.

Community Engagement:
As ambassadors of the sport, we believe in giving back to the community and fostering positive relationships with those around us. We encourage our players, coaches, and staff to participate in community service projects, attend local events, and engage with fans and supporters in a meaningful way.

By embracing these core values, Stonewall Ball Club aims to create well-rounded athletes who excel both on and off the field. We believe that the lessons learned through participation in our program can have a lasting impact on our players' lives, helping to shape their character, develop their skills, and instill a love for the game that will endure for years to come.

Player Registration

For more information on general team availability, please contact Andrew Higgs, [email protected]

When tryout season starts, the registration portal will open. After tryouts, and if selected to a team, you will be invited to finish the registration process. 

Form a Team

As a coach, you play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of young athletes. Your passion for the game, dedication to teaching, and commitment to excellence can have a lasting impact on their development. At Stonewall Ball Club, we understand the importance of coaching and have created a program designed to empower you to reach your full potential.

Coaching should be just that. Coaching. If you agree with our core values, we would be happy to take on the administrative burden so you can focus on improving the lives of our youth. The volunteer staff at Stonewall Ball Club will remove the headache of running a team by performing all of the necessary office work on your behalf. We will handle your front office needs, while you maintain control over your team. We are here to augment and help guide, but it is important to us for each team to have the freedom they need to thrive.

For a deeper discussion, please contact Andrew Higgs, [email protected]


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